Arroyo Grande Trucking Company starts to service the transportation needs of local farmers on the central coast of California.


CFL Founder, Ed Nelson, returns to the central coast of California after serving his country in the United States Navy during WWII.


CFL Founder, Ed Nelson, purchases his first truck and begins pulling trailers for a local produce packing company.


Ed Nelson and his brother-in-law Ed Taylor purchase the Arroyo Grande Trucking Company.


Primarily a truckload carrier in the early years, Arroyo Grande Trucking Company expands into the LTL arena with the acquisition of a small LTL trucking company called Mission Drayage.


Arroyo Grande Trucking Company merges with the Fitzgerald Trucking Company to become Certified Freight Lines.


Next generation. Ed Nelson’s sons, Fred and Jim, and his son-in-law Jon Cramer, take on operational duties at CFL.


CFL expands operations by offering temperature-controlled transportation services, thus increasing the value and shelf-life of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other refrigerated products.


Operation headquarters are relocated from Arroyo Grande, CA to Oceano, CA. At this time, CFL operats with a total fleet of only 26 trucks.


Leadership transition. Ed Nelson becomes Chairman of the Board, Jim (Jimmy) Nelson becomes President and Jon Cramer and Fred Nelson named Vice Presidents.


CFL outgrows its facilities in Oceano, CA and builds a larger, modern facility in Santa Maria, CA where operation headquarters are still located today.


Certified Freight Lines expands its services and changes its name to Certified Freight Logistics.


Third generation of leadership. Scott Cramer named as the new Chief Executive Officer of Certified Freight Logistics and brother Tim Cramer named Vice President. Scott and Tim are founder Ed Nelson’s grandsons.